Math Journals

I have used math journals in my classroom for 3 years now and I ab-so-lute-ly love them!  I started off slow and I've gradually added a journal for virtually every subject I teach.  Since I teach in a self-contained class, that's a bunch of journals!

I've been going through my old journals this summer and looking for ways to improve them.   I always make one with the kids each year.  This is a sample of what I did with money in my journal. 

The kids quickly learn the folds and cuts but I like to start off with premade flaps in the beginning.  I recently updated my flaps.

The flaps definitely look better in color.
I even created a flap book to use as an assessment of what the kids have learned. 
It's a FREEBIE! If you would like to give journals a try, you can get these flaps at my Teacher's Pay Teachers store.


  1. I love this idea! And I think it's FAB that you use math journals!

    Dana :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Dana. I'm one of your followers on 3rd Grade Grid Iron so I'm thrilled to have you visit me.

  3. Just found your blog through Teaching Maddeness.
    I'm always looking for new ideas to use math journals in my class. I will have to add this to my list of must do's.

    If you get the chance stop by my blog as well.

    Ms. Fiorini’s Stadium

  4. Your math journals look great. I want to be more consistent about doing math journals next year! I just found your blog & I'm your newest follower. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. I'm going to be doing some science notebooks this year. I'd like to figure out how to incorporate something similar for math. I don't wanna journal my kids to death. I'll be following along for more ideas =)


  6. I just gave this post a "shout out" on my post today as a Best Budding Blog...I need to do better with my math journals. ;)

    Teaching Maddeness

  7. I LOVE using math journals, but after seeing this post will do a much better of job of making sure I'm making one as we move through the year too! I usually use of the kid's as an example or an absent student's...great idea! Thanks!

    Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

  8. I absolutely love the idea of math journals!! So cute! I'm your newest follower #126