Number Line Behavior

One of these days I'll post about something other than math.  Right now I'm on a math kick and I gotta just roll with it.

I came across a new site (well, new to me) when I was reading Stephanie's blog 3rd Grade Thoughts.

It's the Teaching Channel.  I love being able to go into other people's classrooms and see how they do things.  I always get good ideas that way.  The problem is I'm always teaching when they are so I don't get to visit very often.

I found this video that shows how to incorporate math into classroom management.  I teach 3rd grade so my kiddos don't learn about negative numbers.  However, a big push lately has been to find fractions on a number line and my kiddos definitely need more practice.  I thought about  using this idea to work on that skill.  I still need to give this idea some thought but I'm thinking about awarding fractional points for their behavior (fourth a point,half point, etc).  Of course, I would need to do A LOT of modeling.  Any suggestions?


  1. I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Stop by my blog to accept it!
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  2. I'd never heard of Teaching Channel! So glad to find out about it.

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  3. I love this idea! I play number line monster with my kids during the down time in the beginning of the year. They beg for it! Two kids each stand at one end of our 1-100 number line. The rest take turns guessing, but have to use is it greater than..., less that...odd number...have a 4 in the tens...and the two kids move closer until we can guess. It's a hoot!
    I'm your newest follower!

  4. Rachel, thank you for sharing the number line monster with me. I can't wait to try it with my kiddos.